UNY Faculty of Social Sciences Students Wins 2nd Place in National Level Political and Legal Debate Contest organized by BEM FISIP University of Riau

The series of achievements made by students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Yogyakarta State University in 2019 continues. This time it was the turn of the debate team consisting of Muhammad Fathan Abdurrahman (History Education 2016), Sabit Irfani (Citizenship and Law Education 2016), and Endar Tri Pambudi (2016 Geography Education) who won 2nd place in the National Political and Legal Debate Contest which took place at the national level was held by the University of Riau's FISIP Student Executive Board on April 9 to April 13, 2018. The UNY FIS Debate Team succeeded in entering the semifinal round together with the Brawijaya University, Sriwijaya University and the Institute of Domestic Administration after passing through a tight preliminary round. In the semifinal they competed against the Team of the Institute of Domestic Administration. In this match, the UNY FIS Debate Team got its final ticket after defeating the Institute of Internal Government Institute. But, when meeting again with the IPDN in the final round, this time it was the turn of the UNY FIS Debate Team who had to recognize their superiority and had to settle for sitting second.

The struggle to win second place in this competition is not easy, they have to deal with tough teams from other universities. "Actually, I also did not expect to be able to win here, let alone see the teams that participated here were great teams. I am very proud of the hard work of my teammates, "said Sabit Irfani. Besides because they have to deal with great opponents, they also have to adapt to a different debate system than usual. "The competition was very competitive, and very unpredictable, unexpected in terms of the debate system hehe. That is why we are shocked to be champions here, because we are also at the beginning of the confusion with the debate system, "said Endar. Meanwhile, an interesting message was also delivered by Muhammad Fathan, for him whatever position we try, our decision to succeed or not is the will of God, so we must not forget to pray and be grateful for whatever results we get. "Thank God ... actually victory and defeat is a test, and therefore we must have a lot of forgiveness if we get these two things, hehe. I am also quite surprised at this success, laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah, there is no power and strength except with God's help, hehe "added Fathan. (Fathan 2016)