Breaking the Fast with Big Family FIS UNY History Study Program

In order to fill the activities in the Ramadhan Month of 1440 Hijri, the Historical Education Student Association held Break Fasting Together with the FIS UNY History Education Large Family. The iftar program is held on Thursday, May 16, 2018 at Sawah Resto, Nologaten, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman. The activity was attended by around 90 participants from various forces, alumni, and Mr. / Mrs. Lecturer of the History of Social Sciences at UNY. The event began at 16:30, which began with entertainment from Miba Musik HMPS, followed by remarks, and a cult delivered by Ustadz Al-Ghazali. In his sermon, he conveyed the importance of spirit of giving in daily life such as in worship and social life, for example in organization. After the cult, the activity was continued with breaking the fast, praying in congregation, and eating together with all the participants breaking the fast together with the Big Family of FIS UNY History Study Program. After eating together, the activity was continued with entertainment filled by Miba Musik HMPS and participants breaking the fast together who were willing to fill the entertainment program. The Opening Activity with the Big Family of Historical Education Study Program FIS UNY also became a place of friendship between components in the Historical Education Study Program such as active students, alumni, and Mr / Mrs Lecturers in Historical Education Study Program. The event closed at 19.00 and ended with a photo with the participants of the Joint Opening of the Family Study Program of FIS UNY History. (Jarkom / HMPS).