Familiar Day (HAKRAB) 2019

Familiarity Day or commonly called HAKRAB is an annual work program of the Historical Education Student Association which is a continuation of the PKKMB majoring in Historical Education. HAKRAB 2019 Historical Education it self was held on 31 August and 1 September 2019 at the Student Convention Center of the Islamic University of Indonesia (SCC UII). HAKRAB is a series of activities that cannot be left out of a series of PKKMB activities. The Historical Education HAKRAB 2019 carries the theme "Embracing Diversity Towards Beautiful Beauty", with the hope that the Historical Education HAKRAB 2019 can familiarize and increase Tolerance towards SARA (Ethnic, Religious, Racial, and Intergroup) between New Students and New Students, New Students with higher levels of tolerance , and between New Students and Lecturers.
There is some content of the Event in HAKRAB Education History 2019, on the first day including Discussion Lecturer, Discussion HMPS, Discussion Seniors, IKAHIMSI, and Discussion Mapres (Student Achievement) peak when at night there are Pensi (Performing Arts) and Bonfire. On the second day begins with gymnastics in the morning and the peak is when the outbound in the afternoon then ends with closing. Although there are some obstacles in the sound system of HAKRAB Education History 2019 can run smoothly and cheerfully.
In essence, the 2019 Historical Education HAKRAB is a forum for familiarizing and increasing tolerance towards SARA (Ethnic, Religious, Race, and Intergroup) between New Students and New Students, New Students with kaka level, as well as between New Students and Lecturers and introducing familial culture from the Historical Education Study Program.