Introduction to Campus Life for New Students or commonly called PKKMB is a mandatory activity for all new students in the Yogyakarta State University campus environment as well as in the Historical Education Study Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Yogyakarta State University. PKKMB History Education Department itself was held on August 23, 2019 precisely on Thursday or the fourth day in the PKKMB UNY series, which is located in Lecture Room 02 of the Faculty of Social Sciences Yogyakarta State University and this year the PKKMB Department of History Education carries the theme Synergy to realize scholars love of culture, which of these themes was raised to make the PKKMB majoring in History Education be able to produce and create students who are educated but will not forget their own culture. The program of PKKMB History Education Department was immediately opened by the Head of Historical Education Study Program namely Dr. Dyah Kumalasari M.Pd, at the same time with the Workshop with History Education Lecturers. In this Historical Education PKKMB event there are also many series of events, ranging from Mading Presentation by each group, then there is a yells contest, and there is a video screening of reasons for choosing historical education and the last is the reading of the nomination of the PKKMB of historical education