Graduate Profile

A. Graduate Profile

The History Education Study Program is held to produce graduates of History Education.





History Education

Bachelor of History Education at SMA / MA / MK / MAK


Praktisi/Tenaga di bidang kebudayaan dan Pariwisata

Practitioners / personnel in the field of culture and tourism


IT-based Edupreneur

Developers of IT-based historical learning media


B. Graduate Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the graduates (Learning Outcomes / LO) of the History Education Study Program refer to the description of the learning outcomes of the level 6 Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka graduates, as follows:

  1. Able to take advantage of science and technology in their areas of expertise, and able to adapt to situations faced in solving problems.
  2. Mastering the theoretical concepts of a particular field of knowledge in general and the theoretical concepts of a special section of the knowledge field in depth, and being able to formulate solutions to procedural problems
  3. Able to take strategic decisions based on analysis of information and data, and provide guidance in choosing various alternative solutions.
  4. Responsible for his own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of the work of the organization.