Community Service Student History Education Association in 2019

The History Education Student Association in 2019 carried out the Community Service Program which was located in Kampung Gaswangi, Nengah, Srandakan Bantul, DI Yogyakarta. The Community Service was carried out for approximately 8 meetings. Community Service in 2019 raised the theme of "Community Empowerment through Health and Waste Management". The theme was raised in connection with the program in Gaswangi Village which is developing the Waste Bank Program. It is hoped that by carrying out Community Service this can provide additional information for the residents of Kampung Gaswangi so that it can support the implementation of the Waste Bank Program. The opening of PPM 2019 was held on April 27, 2019 which was attended by the Residents & Youth of Gaswangi Village as well as Students and Representatives from the Historical Education Study Program. Community Service Activities are held every Saturday and Sunday with the following agenda: Socialization of Waste Management and Processing, Socialization of Family Medicinal Plants, Wise Socialization of Social Media in collaboration with MAFINDO (Indonesian Anti-Defamation Society) Yogyakarta, Ramadhan Activities together with RISMAS Masjid At- Taqorub covering TPA activities, Breaking Fasting Together with residents of Kampung Gaswangi. Community Service in 2019 was closed on 30 June 2019 in Pendapa Gaswangi Village with the agenda of official closure by the Lecturer of Trustees of the Association of Historical Education Students, Ms. Diana Trisnawaty, M.Pd and continued with healthy exercises followed by History Education Students and Gaswangi Village Community Residents . The closing activity ended with the distribution of door prizes by the 2019 Community Service Committee. (Adkesma HMPS / 2019)